Membership Events

FILM - Clip Art - Popcorn - #11

We will officially launch our membership program 1/1/2023! In the meantime, check out the upcoming festivals we will be attending! We will post times, locations, and meet up times as we get closer to the actual festivals!

New York City Area Film Festivals
Big Apple Film Festival (February 10th – February 13th)
Winter Film Awards (February 20th – February 29th)
New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival (February 21st – March 15th)
Athena Film Festival (February 27th – March 1st)
CineKink (March 18th – March 22nd)
Socially Relevant Film Festival (March 18th – March 22nd)
Queens World Film Festival (March 19th – 29th)
Tribeca Film Festival (April 15th – April 26th)
New York City Independent Film Festival (May 10th – 17th)
Asian American International Film Festival (July 20th – August 8th)
Coney Island Film Festival (September 11th – 13th)
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (October 10th – October 25th)
Food Film Fest (October 22nd – October 25th)