About Us

Hyperion Culture was created to make a difference in the art and film communities. We believe by educating and empowering artists and filmmakers while supporting new media arts organizations, we can ensure there is more visual storytelling to be share!

MISSION / Our mission to elevate independent art and film through exhibition, education, and empowerment. VISION / Our vision is to ensure artists and filmmakers have the resources to continue to create their art without any obstacles. 

GOALS / #1 – Exhibition – Our first goal is to lower the entry point so that stories through art and film can be exhibited with out any obstacles. / #2 – Education – Education our second goal is to provide instruction, resources, and tips to artists and filmmakers so they can acquire all the needed resources to create their art. In addition, we will alert artists and filmmakers on funding opportunities and resources available to them. #3 – Empowerment – Provide artists and filmmakers the necessary tools to succeed in fundraising as well as advocate for them as well as grassroots film organizations in the development arena.